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Hi, this is Mike from Bookup.

If you’re reading this then you’re considering enrolling in the project to “shadow me” as I create the mobile version of Chess Openings Wizard for iPad and Android.

And you’re probably wondering what I’m going to charge for tuition.

I’ll get to that but first let me tell you a couple things about yourself.

If you’re reading this then you are interested in how to make apps.

I think making apps is one of the best ways to turn your creative energies into a profession – or into a business.

But the most important reason to me is that it’s fun!

You can craft some great code – and people all over the world can download it and enjoy it.

The app download business has very low overhead and low risk…

…but I’m getting ahead of myself because you might just be interested in making cool chess software.

So. When I get training for Mac or iOS programming I turn to the experts like the guys at I love these guys!

I just looked at the tuition for their advanced Mac programming class and their basic iOS class. Those classes are $4,950 each. That’s for four days of training at their site.

Don’t have a panic attack. I have an option for less than $100.

Programming Training – $4,950
COW Professional – $197
COW Source Code – $300
Delphi 10.2 Professional – $1,405

The source code for Chess Openings Wizard Professional is only sold to owners of COW Pro.

I’m using Delphi 10.2 Professional to make COW for Windows, Mac and now iOS and Android. It may be even cheaper with academic pricing. They also offer a 31 day free trial to get you started.

So if you’ve ever considered buying the source code for $300 (after owning COW Pro for $197) to see how your program is made…

…I’m going to charge $295 for the training.

That INCLUDES the source code for the new program which effectively makes the cost of the training NEGATIVE $5.

That’s right. If you’ve wanted to own the source code…

…I’m practically paying you $5 to take this course.

Now what if you just want to follow along but you don’t need my personal attention on the video conferences or the source code?

I can only handle about 25 13 more folks in the course anyway. So if you want to just follow along with the blog and homework and videos while skipping the video conferences and access to the source code, then that option (I call auditing the course) will be $77.

There you have it, about three months of training on how a real app is made, all for a fraction of the cost of any course I’ve ever seen.

Registration opens Friday at noon, New York time.

Here’s the small print. Tuition is non-refundable. You will have to sign a non disclosure agreement. (The NDA is to protect me from training competitors, although you’re free to create other chess apps if you want.)

I have my own reasons for conducting this course. It keeps actual users of my software involved in the creative phase. They’ll come up with ideas I never thought of.

I could also end up finding a programmer that I’d like to hire.

So we covered tuition, a couple of my reasons for offering the course, the ‘fine print’ and the Friday noon April 14th 2017 opening for registration.

The $295 course is limited to the next 25 13 folks who register. (Anyone who emailed me after doing the homework got a chance to join early.)

That’s it. Prepare to get smarter and to have some fun.


Join The Course

 Or audit the course for a reduced fee